Yoga Poses Two Person Ideas You Should Practice

Yoga Poses Two Person

In this pandemic epoch, where everyone is talking about physical health, a topic that has cropped up is mental health. To maintain your mental health and calmness, yoga is suggested as one of the best practices. Yoga not only helps in relaxing and de-stressing but also helps with maintaining your health in every manner. Yoga can be done solely, but ever thought of doing yoga poses with your partner? If no, then this article is for you.

Benefits Of Yoga Poses For Two People

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Before jumping on yoga poses for two people; first, let us understand the benefits of yoga poses for two people.

First of all, what would be more interesting than doing yoga with your partner? Your partner can be anyone like your spouse, friend, or even your child. Performing yoga poses with your partner boosts communication, nurture trust, strengthen relationships, and have fun!

In the case of couple yoga poses, it can help in improving intimacy and sex life.

Though yoga alone would help you in de-stressing but yoga, when performed by two people together, works magic. It is because of the touches. It is said that merely touching can reduce the anxiety of an individual, so think of the perks and power of touch while doing yoga!

These two people yoga helps in increasing empathy for each other and improves bond. As yoga poses require to be fully involved in the movements with your partner, it ultimately leads to building trust for each other and helps in creating a new connection.

Yoga Poses Two People

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In this section, you’re going to read about the two amazing yoga poses that can be done with your partner. Before starting, remember to take a few deep breathes and stretch yourselves a little. Yes, now you are ready and without any further delay, let’s get started with introducing the two basic yoga poses.

Uttanasana – This yoga pose, also known as standing forward fold, is the easiest of all. To start, stand in mountain pose few meters away from your partner but back to back, then raise your arms in the sky and inhale, then while exhaling, hinge at the hips and go down as in touching your feet. You can also hold the elbows of your partner instead of your feet.

Ardha Matsyendrasan – To perform seated twist or Ardha Matsyendrasan, sit with your legs crossed, back to back with your partner. Raise your right hand while inhaling and then twist to the left when exhaling and put your right hand on your partner’s left knee and your left hand on your right knee. Do this posture and twist on both sides, left and right.

There are many other poses, but these are the basic ones to get started with. Once you get used to these yoga poses, you can advance to the intermediate level.


Partner Yoga is a wonderful and transformative experience. You don’t always need your spouse to perform this. You can do partner yoga poses with anyone unless they are your rivals, just kidding, but partner yoga is incredible, and you should certainly give it a try.

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