Skipping Meals Isn’t Healthy

Why Skipping Meals Isn’t Healthy?

Food is fuel for human beings and providing less fuel will eventually lead to weakness and tiredness. We all have a tendency of missing out on a couple of main meals of the day. Mostly we miss out on having breakfast or lunch. This is a very common issue among youngsters and office goers. In turn, we head towards the nearest street food joint to suffice the hunger. Snacking is a good idea but not always. Once or twice is fine but making it a part of your routine isn’t. Often people miss out their lunch because they are bored with the same meal. You must have some healthy lunch ideas, which will always keep you motivated to have your lunch.

Why Skipping Meals Isn’t Healthy?
Why Skipping Meals Isn’t Healthy?

How Does The Body React To Skipping Meals?

It is great to be a hard working person. Being punctual at work and giving your all to it is appreciable but skipping meals due to this isn’t appreciable. A common problem among field workers and office goers is that they tend to skip their day time meal. Lunch is an important meal of our day and skipping it isn’t healthy at all. The body needs fuelling at regular intervals. Missing out one important meal of the day will lead to multiple health issues. You will feel tired, weak and less active than usual. The best and healthy lunch ideas consist of proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, etc. All these are necessary nutrients for the body to perform daily tasks.

Some people assume that skipping breakfast or lunch will not affect their health. According to them, they will have a heavy dinner which will fulfill all the requirements of the body. Well, you are completely wrong. We must have a heavy breakfast, a comparatively less heavy lunch and a very light dinner. These are the three most important meals of the day. You cannot have a heavy dinner because at night our digestive system is weak due to less activeness. Whereas, breakfast and lunch can be heavy because, our body can digest it easily for being highly active. Skipping meals leads to fatigue, weight gain, decrease in sugar levels, slow metabolism, unnecessary hunger attacks, etc.

Why Skipping Meals Isn’t Healthy?
Why Skipping Meals Isn’t Healthy?

How To Avoid Skipping Meals?

  1. Increase the number of meals per day with less quantity.
  2. Eat snacks which have high protein content.
  3. Set alarms for meals.
  4. Plan frequent lunch dates with family and friends.
  5. Prepare your meals early in the morning so that your work doesn’t get affected.

Some Healthy Lunch Ideas

  1. Eat a proper lunch filled with protein, fiber and carbohydrates.
  2. Try some healthy homemade broccoli and chicken recipes for lunch.
  3. Add lots of veggies to your lunch.
  4. On alternative days eat fruits and eggs for lunch.
  5. You can also try tofu recipes if you want a change in your meal.

To stay fit and healthy, we need to eat our meals at the right time and right quantity. Skipping a meal will lead to illness and weakness. We often feel distracted at work when we skip a meal. Always look out for healthy lunch ideas to make your meal interesting. Food is a necessary element of life. We must eat healthy to stay fit.

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