What Is Overthinking And How To Overcome It

What Is Overthinking And How To Overcome It

You need to overcome overthinking if you are doing so. Rather acting and doing what is required, if you start to think too much that is called overthinking. Instead of acting, you start analyzing, repeating, and commenting on the same thoughts several times. In the long term, this habit can become a serious issue and it prevents you from acting and doing. The worst part is overthinking can eat up all your energy and later it can disable your skills and abilities. You will not be able to take decisions in this situation and you will be in a loop of overthinking.

What Happens

  • When you have a habit of overthinking, either it is about a person, an event, or anything else, you will not be able to stop thinking about that. It can be some problem you are facing or something happened in the past
  • Rather finding some solution, rather being active and look for initiatives, you will be thinking and thinking again and you will not be able to rule out this issue from your mind
  • Once you face an issue or come across some problems, then you will start thinking about your future and imagine the worst scenarios. Even though currently you are not facing any issue, you will automatically imagine things and worry about ‘what if’s
  • You will easily move into negative thinking in each and every situation without a proper reason
  • Along with current issues and problems, you also worry about past mistakes
  • In every situation, you think about your mistakes and that turned you in negative outcomes
  • Even for day to day course, you start doing over-analysis and you hesitate to mingle with people
  • You will start inflating each and every word beyond reasonable proportions
What Is Overthinking And How To Overcome It
What Is Overthinking And How To Overcome It

If you are in this condition that psychologists will name it as ruminator or the other term used for this is over-thinker. There are worst side effects of this overthinking. It can detriment your performance and in later stages, it can lead to depression and anxiety.

How To Overcome Overthinking

There are many ways through which you can overcome this overthinking issue.

  • Always try to indulge yourself in activities like exercising, swimming, and walking. This helps in the body to take off your mind temporarily from overthinking
  • Choose any activity that helps your mind to come out of overthinking and occupied for a long time
  • Just watch yourself and observe when you start overthinking
  • You will understand how much energy as well as the time it eats. You will also understand how passively you are behaving at this time rather actively
  • Try to realize that one time or a few times thinking is fine but not going into a loop of thoughts. Try to make some decision and stop overthinking

Bottom Line

What Is Overthinking And How To Overcome It
What Is Overthinking And How To Overcome It

Even though you are facing serious issues in life, overthinking is not the solution. Always think properly and try to make some decisions for the problem you are facing. Even though you have done some big mistakes in past and because of that you started overthinking, there is a solution for that too. You can consult some psychiatrists and take counselling sessions.

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