Tips to Promote Mental Health Care During the Month of May

mental health month

Mental Health Awareness Month is celebrated in May each year in the United States. It is a time to raise awareness of mental health and issues that affect mental health. Mental health includes emotional well-being, psychiatric diagnosis, and treatment. The month is marked with numerous media, community events, and theatrical screenings. Find out what you can do to support mental health in your community during May.

Mental Health Awareness Month Has Encouraged Individuals To Be Aware Of Their Mental Health

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Since 1949, the message of Mental Health Awareness Month has encouraged individuals to be aware of their mental health and disorders. A message of hope and awareness, Mental Health Month is a time to recognize the struggle people face with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis, eating disorders, and other mental health disorders. For example, the stigma associated with mental health disorders can include discrimination in employment and school. To create awareness in the general public, the media can be used to disseminate facts about stigma.

There are many reasons for commemorating Mental Health Month. The celebration creates awareness about mental health and illness, helps promote recovery from an illness, and provides resources for those who suffer from this illness or who live with someone who does. This month’s theme, stigma, relates to discrimination and the social impact of mental health disorders and their stigma. There are many ways to promote awareness and to make sure everyone has the information they need about this disease.

Hold A Silent Auction Or Raffle To Provide Awareness In

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One way to promote awareness and to raise awareness about mental health conditions and stigma is to hold a silent auction or raffle. This could be done to raise money for someone in your community who may be struggling with an illness. You could auction off a basket full of items someone needs for their home, such as medication, vitamins, hygiene products, kitchen items, etc. Not only would this be a wonderful opportunity to raise money for someone who needs help, but also a great fun for you to participate in.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has created the “One Month Challenge” to encourage communities, hospitals, mental health facilities, and families to combine one action to raise awareness about stigma. The goal is “to eliminate or reduce all barriers to recovery.” This “challenge” is part of the HHs mandate as a part of its Public Health Service Act. The “One Month Challenge” was launched in January of 2021. Since then, more hospitals have joined in on the challenge to eliminate stigma and raise awareness.

Incorporate The Theme Into Your Kitchen

Another way to promote awareness and to raise funds for someone in your community who may be struggling with a mental illness is to incorporate the theme into your kitchen. If you cook on a regular basis, consider using cookie shaped cake toppers featuring a different character or vegetable from each month of the year. Or if you don’t cook, consider getting creative by using cookie cutters that feature one of many of the themes or symbols used in the “One Month Challenge.” Other ideas include: dove, flag, peace sign, tulip, ribbon, potted herb, ribbon shaped spice, seed, fruit, and vegetables.

For hospitals and other facilities, a great way to promote people battling mental health issues is to incorporate the theme into a variety of daily activities. If you’re looking for inspiration, consider making lists of things you’d like to improve in your life. Assemble these lists next month and visit everyone in your facility to ask what they’d like to see changed in themselves, their relationships, or their lifestyle. Encourage people to share the themes they’ve developed with the rest of the staff or the administration. If you can’t hold a themed activity in person, consider hosting an online activity on your hospital website or Facebook page. Many facilities host radio shows or online radio stations to encourage people to share their experiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.

Final Words

Finally, you can help promote your institution during Mental Health Month by implementing various programs, projects, or specials. You may want to consider holding a slumber party to get people reconnected to each other after a long holiday or a long work week. Create contests for the best decorating project or best recipe and feature these events on social media channels to further engage and bring awareness to your community. Implementing a variety of tactics will ensure you reach your goal of promoting mental health care to the community.

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