The Power Of Habit: Habit Formation

The Power Of Habit

Our lives are something we live without noticing one essential thing- our habits and routines. There are so many times when we unknowingly form a pattern. Habit formation is something you can hardly see as you continue with your life and routines.

Moreover, habit formation is something you can’t avoid, and you continue to live with it. Mostly, the habits we have or follow in our routine lives are automatic and unthinking. Habit formation is the reason we are who we are; they determine multiple things in our lives, the choice of dresses we wear to the kind of food we eat.

If some of your habits are harmful to you and others, you can change it. Habit formation is something you can break to form a different pattern of sorts. It’s never too late to start getting sober if you are an alcoholic addict or another addict.

Habit Formation: Identifing The Rountine

The Power Of Habit
The Power Of Habit: Habit Formation

Habit formation is when you have a specific routine that makes you do the wrong things. If you are doing something every day that you want to stop doing, then try to see the pattern of what you do. Suppose everyday lunch you are eating a cookie or a sweet, and you enjoy eating the sweet. However, you keep gaining extra weight because of the habit of eating the cookie or sweet. Habit formation of eating cookies and sweets is something that keeps growing day by day. It’s unavoidable, but you want to change. So, you end up putting a note that you can read every time you want a cookie or sweet. However, you keep ignoring the sign, and you go ahead and eat whatever you want.

Moreover, the power of habit and habit formation is a step by step process. The first step is identifying the routine you follow. You need to see the pattern of things you observe.

The Second Step: Experiment With Positive Rewards

Habit formation is when you can easily change any practice you want for a positive and small reward. It would help if you were willing to change, and the prize acts like the positive thing that will guide you to change.

Cravings are of multiple kinds, and you get different jobs in fulfilling every desire. However, while you are meeting your longing, you forget that it’s a distraction from your work and things you need to complete.

Keep a reward for every time you break a habit you don’t want. Instead of eating a cookie, eat a donut or go for a walk and return to your office. It is slow and the reward will just help you change little by little. You won’t see any immediate changes or differences, but slowly you’ll see it.

Habit Formations: Isolate The Cues

The Power Of Habit
The Power Of Habit: Habit Formation

Cues are the primary reason for habit formation. Without the signals, we won’t have many of the habits we have, and it’s the unconscious action that determines the cues. Cues are triggers for many of our practices and routines. You won’t realize it, but so many times, it happens around you regarding your habits. Do you eat at a specific time because you are hungry or because the clock says it’s a particular time at which you usually eat? Isolate the triggers that make you follow a specific habit or routine.

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