The Hidden Benefits Of Standing Yoga Poses

Standing Yoga Poses

Standing yoga poses have excellent benefits if you select it as a mode of regular yoga practice. Standing yoga poses are beneficial in strengthening your core muscles. And along with it, standing yoga poses are also done for stretching purposes as well. Some yoga poses are performed while standing and can train your leg muscles all together in a bunch.

Standing yoga poses will train your lower body muscles like- thigh muscles, hamstrings muscles, calves, ankles, and many more. These are muscles that give your lower body a toned and firm look. Many of us struggle with bulged thighs and loose fleshy calves, isn’t it? My dear friend, if you are also one of those, then standing yoga poses/asanas/exercises is something that is meant for you! Who doesn’t want to have sexy legs and a flatter tummy, along with a slimmer body? Standing Yoga is the solution; it will keep you fit and will keep your mind relaxed. Standing Yoga is something that should be tried by everyone to get a slimmer physique.

Here You Go With Benefits Of Standing Yoga Poses

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These standing yoga poses will give you such results that you will fall in love with your own lower body figures.

~ Standing yoga poses will improve your balancing abilities, as it involves a particular pose for a couple of minutes. By continually practicing, you will notice that standing yoga poses have improved your body’s stability.

~ Not only this, in addition to stabilizing your body postures, standing Yoga poses also helps you improve your focusing power. Yes, it’s true with time, you will realize that your concentration power and your grasping power will get enhanced by practicing standing yoga poses.

~ A person’s breathing pattern can also be improved by regular practice of standing yoga poses. While performing standing yoga poses, one is supposed to hold breath and hold a yoga posture, and due to this, a person’s oxygen holding capacity also increases. And so, standing yoga poses are something you should try. Six standing Yoga poses that help in strengthening your muscles. The names of the poses are along with their easily understandable names.

1. Tadasana (The Mountain Pose)

2. Vrksasana (The Tree Pose)

3. Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose)

4. Natarajasana (The Dancer Pose)

5. Virabhadrasana III (Warrior III)

6. Ardha Chandrasana (The Half Moon Pose)


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Standing yoga poses are very beneficial for training the big muscles, especially the lower body’s muscles. Practicing these simple standing yoga poses can get a nice firmed and toned body shape without investing a lot of time. As a person who is keen to get into shape with many additional benefits, standing yoga poses can be one of your best choices.

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