Mental Health Week: How We Can All Together Make It A Success

mental health week

In the United States, this celebration is also known as National Suicide Prevention Month. Mental health is a huge problem and has a negative effect on society. There are many myths surrounding mental health, but this article will shed some light on this very common issue.

What is meant by mental health week? The theme for the world mental health day is “wellness through connectedness”. Every year in October, mental health experts around the globe come together to share information, creativity and exchange ideas. Children s is part of the world mental health week celebrations and you can add your child’s name to the list of speakers and sponsor their event in your community.


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Why is October celebrated every year? The reason is that mental health is a major issue worldwide. The issue is getting more media attention as well. Mental health issues are increasing and experts around the world are calling for more funding and research into the problem. The focus in October by governments, businesses, schools, families and mental health advocates around the world is to raise awareness and create prevention strategies. This is the start of World Mental Health Week.

How can I help? Today, more than 1.2 billion people around the globe suffer from some form of mental health issue, according to WHO. Creating awareness and promoting early detection are crucial elements in our effort to prevent global mental health issues from getting out of control. You can help by participating in events like the Electronic Staging of Mental Health Day, connecting yourself to the cause by joining or supporting an organization, using your voice and making your views known through speaking out, participating in research and disseminating information.

Planning And Executing

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If you have a special expertise or you know someone who does, get involved in planning and executing the next World Mental Health Day. The Mental Health Week celebration is scheduled for the first week of October. There will be many events taking place around the globe with prominent speakers coming together to deliver speeches, open up dialogues and provide treatment and support for those who require it. Your participation will not only allow you to participate in raising awareness for mental health issues, but also to contribute financially to the cause.

What are some fun ways to get involved? Participate in Global Mental Health Week by wearing specialty wristbands that promote early detection and treatment for mental disorders. These specialty wristbands bear the logo of your favorite cause, or just some words, and are available in black and white or color. Another way to help raise awareness is to attend any of the numerous activities being planned during the week.

Mental Health Problems

Some include silent auctions, silent march, concerts, lectures, movie nights, charity runs and much more. In addition to the activities mentioned, participants can also join the millions of people from around the world who are trying to end the cycle of mental illnesses with daily meditation, yoga and exercise.

Each year, millions of people suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other mental health problems. Each year, there are new drugs and mental health treatments that become popular. Many of these drugs can improve the symptoms of mental health problems but do nothing to actually eliminate the condition. With this being the case, it is important for people to raise awareness about these conditions through creative means.


One of the ways that we can raise awareness for any mental illness is to host an event that features comedians and musicians performing comedy, songs and magic. These events are known as Mental Health Week. The proceeds of the shows support many organizations that focus on fighting mental illness and improving the lives of those who suffer from it. If you have the skills to stage a fun event and would like to help make this year’s Mental Health Week more successful in raising awareness, contact a local event planning company today.

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