Mental Health Days and What Workplaces Can Do About It

Mental Health Days

In the United States, there are approximately 10 million Americans suffering from some form of mental disorder or another. In some modern corporate environments, a mental health day has become a part of one’s normal work schedule. Some workers have even chosen to have their own day of mental health, and have a designated time on which they take a day off to recover from mental health related issues.

Today’s mental health problems are more widespread and serious. The number of children being diagnosed with ADHD or a similar mental disorder has been steadily rising over the last decade. More people are suffering from depression than at any other time in history. And mental disorders are not limited to the elderly population.

Improve Your Mental Health

In a society that values productivity, it makes sense to make every effort to improve the mental health of employees. The fact that most companies offer mental health programs is evidence that many employers are interested in improving the health and well being of their employees.

But in the present times, these programs must be approached much differently than in the past. A company’s employees should be encouraged to seek out medical attention, and even the option of taking some sort of medication for a short period of time if the health issues cannot be addressed on their own.

Seek Experts Advice

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Many companies still encourage their employees to seek out mental health therapy, but this can be a very expensive proposition for small businesses. When employees are encouraged to go for counseling, but cannot afford to go, it is hard to motivate them to take care of their mental health. This problem is likely to continue into the future, as the costs of health insurance continue to rise.

When employees are asked to seek medical attention as soon as possible, the problem becomes significantly less pronounced. This is because when employees are given the opportunity to see a qualified doctor, the doctors are often willing to help them solve their problems. They are not as concerned about the cost of treatment as doctors are, so the chances of the patient having to pay out of pocket for expensive drugs or expensive therapy are greatly reduced.

Mental Health Programs

With so many employees at risk for a wide variety of mental illnesses, it makes sense for employers to encourage their employees to participate in mental health programs. This is not only a matter of helping to improve their health but also helping to ensure that the employees are able to participate fully in the workplace environment of the company. While some companies provide mental health services on the employee’s first day on the job, others require the employee to participate in such programs over time.

Some employers even have mental health days that are set aside for their employees to have a break from work. This is especially beneficial for employees who may not be comfortable talking to doctors. By having the chance to attend counseling sessions, an employee can learn more about his or her problem without having to fear that he or she will lose their job. While a break from work can be a great benefit for the employees, it can also be good for the company because it allows them to feel better and become more productive.


Many companies are looking to take the concept of mental health and wellness even further by having mental health days when employees are allowed to have more than just lunch. This is especially useful for those employees who are more likely to be anxious about having their day off. If an employee is feeling nervous or anxious, a break from the daily grind can help him or her to calm down and recharge himself or herself before returning to his or her job.

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