Understanding Malnutrition And Its Effects

Malnutrition Forecasting

Malnutrition has been a great enemy of healthy living for human beings. Tracing back to the earliest human civilization, we have witnessed various events of hunger. Hence, we learned to take multiple precautions to lessen their impact. However, malnutrition remains rampant in most developing countries. It needs to be appropriately addressed. If not, it can cause dangerous consequences to human life.

Malnourished human beings aren’t always born weak. Sometimes, they only become weaker as they grow. In many countries, people don’t even have clean drinking water and proper food to eat. Lack of vegetation, drought, and poverty are other factors that similarly lead to malnutrition.

Malnutrition Forecasting For A Healthy Living
Malnutrition Forecasting For A Healthy Living

Common Effects of Malnutrition

  • Infection and Illness: Another major cause of malnutrition is a chronic illness. People who lack a healthy living environment are often termed as malnourished. Malnourishment destroys the body’s immunity power. Without a strong immune system, one loses his or her shield against various infections.
  • Life Span: Malnutrition as an enemy of healthy living is lethal enough to reduce the life span of any person. Malnourishment can kill many children and adults. A malnourished person is more likely to have a shorter life span compared to a healthy person. Children malnourished at the time of birth live to a maximum of 4 to 5 years without treatment.
Malnutrition Forecasting For A Healthy Living
Malnutrition Forecasting For A Healthy Living

Malnutrition in Children

Are children born or raised malnourished? The answer is either. The absence of a healthy living environment is a vital factor. Sadly, malnourished children are at risk of these life-threatening conditions. Here are some:

  • Development disorders: A child’s initial development from infant to adulthood is crucial. In developing countries, families have no access to proper healthcare. This makes growth difficult for them. In the worst cases, these infants end up with different kinds of physical or mental disorders. This will continue until adulthood.
  • Growth disorder: Malnutrition results in growth disorder. A 10-year-old child may look like a five-year-old based on Body Mass Index (BMI). Consequently, the child’s physical build ceases to grow to its full potential due to poor nutrition.
  • Regressive development: Sometimes, a child can grow only up to some extent. It’s a sign that malnutrition has taken a toll on the child’s body. This makes regressive growth and development, an alarming malnourishment case.
  • Chronic diseases: Yes, malnutrition can hit as early as pregnancy! The child affected by malnutrition at this prenatal stage is prone to various chronic diseases. It includes diabetes, renal failure, and heart disease.

Malnutrition in Adults

Think adults are safe from malnutrition? Think again. Adults affected by malnourishment at such young age suffer from malnutrition throughout their life. Here are some of the serious cases:

  • Low birth weight offspring: Malnourished children of women suffer from various health issues. It includes low birth weight or growth retardation. These results in the rise of various diseases and early death. However, these diseases don’t even occur immediately after birth. The immune system weakens over time and the body gets prone to diseases.
  • Lengthy Hospital Session: A study by a set of doctors on malnutrition states that people who were born malnourished get hospitalized more often. Malnourished people even stay longer in hospital. In contrast, people with a healthy living environment rarely get confined to a hospital.
  • Strength Disorder: People who exhibit a weak immune system, as well as low muscle strength, are often the malnourished ones. As a result, they often feel tired and cannot perform tasks.
  •  Menstrual irregularities: Women often suffer from irregular and painful menstrual cycle. It can only get worse if they are malnourished. Even more, it can also alter their fertility.

Malnutrition is a global issue, and the WHO is taking necessary initiatives to fight it. Above all, it is our responsibility to do our part as well.

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