Kundalini Yoga – Three of the Most Useful Moves for awakened Kundalini

kundalini yoga poses

It has been said that the awakening of kundalini energy is directly linked to the various yoga postures. As you become familiar with a specific posture or technique, your awareness expands, and your connection with that subtle force becomes more obvious. That’s why some students report feeling a little light-headed or tingling at the beginning of certain poses – they are getting ready for the awakening process.

Kundalini Yoga began as a series of meditations aimed at freeing the psyche from kundalini obstructions so that it could rise to greater spiritual consciousness. The original texts describe Shiva (or “God Force”) as a vital force base ring the cerebral cortex, just above the level of the physical nervous system. The kundalini is viewed by those who practice as a kind of spiritual thigh injury. In the medical sense, the kundalini is actually a type of neurological injury – but that’s a subject for another time.

Kundalini Yoga Poses

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When you are performing any of the various forms of yoga, there are always instructions that relate to focusing your mind on shakti yoga (or “prana” or “life force energy”). As you become more familiar with various poses, you will likely begin to notice that certain areas of your body are very sensitive to the changes in focus that you are causing. That’s why meditating on kundalini awakening is not recommended for beginners – the awakening of the shakti energy is an intensely active process. Even so, if you are interested in learning more about the awakening process, you can read through the following description of different kundalini Yoga poses.

The first of these kundalini Yoga poses is called the Half Spinal Twist. To perform this pose, you will stand with your feet apart at shoulder width. Gently bend at the knee as far as you can and hold onto the muscles of the lower back. Then straighten your back and repeat the pose as many times as you can. You can use a doorway, wall, or anything else to help you guide your body through the twists of this pose.

Important Consideration

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The second of the sets of kundalini yoga poses is called the Trikonasana. In this pose, you will be sitting on a chair with your feet apart. Keep your spine straight and place your hands on the lower left or right sides of your head. With your eyes closed, you will concentrate on opening your eyes and focusing on the center of the earth. As you close your eyes, you will be experiencing what is called the “awakening” of your chakras.

Next, we will examine three more kriyas of yoga positions, which will awaken your Kundalini energy and help you achieve deeper and more profound spiritual practice. The Trikonasana is a great position to use if you are beginning a new Kundalini awakening practice. If you have been awake for some time, however, you can use any one of these three poses, called the power kriyas, to deepen your yoga practice and achieve the ultimate awakening of your Kundalini energy.

Pranayama breathing exercises are another way to assist in awakening your Kundalini. Chanting specific mantras during your pranayama breathing exercises will help to invoke a higher state of consciousness. This is also an excellent way to help you become focused and more relaxed when you are meditating. When you are chanting a mantra, you are engaging the sound within your mind and using it to activate your own higher-self, or your Kundalini, without meditating.

Bottom Line

In this age of technological advancement, you can purchase online classes that will guide you through both vinyasa and hatha yoga, but the most beneficial type of class for awakening your Kundalini energy lies in kundalini yoga and vinyasa classes. A well-balanced program of physical exercise, pranayama breathing exercises, meditation, and chanting helps to develop concentration, patience, perseverance, and calmness, which are vital qualities for anyone who desires to awaken their Kundalini. A good yoga teacher will be able to assist you in choosing the appropriate type of class for awakening your Kundalini or working with you to determine your needs and goals. Regardless of which kundalini yoga style or posture suits you best, you can deepen your practice and awaken your Kundalini energy by practicing regularly.

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