How To Earn More Money As A Mental Health Therapist

mental health therapist

A mental health therapist works with individuals suffering from mental health disorders. Mental health disorders include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder (SAD) and other mood disorders. Therapists treat these disorders through a combination of therapy and medication. Mental health therapist jobs can be found in both physical locations and mental health facilities. This mental health job serves to identify emotional disturbances in their patients and prescribe treatments for them.

What A Mental Health Therapist Does?

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A mental-health therapist helps people who are depressed, anxious, bipolar, psychotic, or ODD. They help people make sense of their lives and find the strength and resources to manage these feelings. Therapy is used in conjunction with medications to treat these feelings, and is an essential component of recovery. Some mental-health therapists are able to work with emotionally disturbed children and adolescents. Other areas of specialty that may require the services of a mental therapist are anxiety disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, co-occurring disorders, developmental disorders, and school problems.

Licensed mental health professionals are required to obtain either a Master’s degree or doctoral degree in order to practice. Psychology programs at colleges and universities provide training in this area. For those who desire to continue their education, Master’s degrees and PhDs are also available. There are numerous mental health professional organizations throughout the United States that provide for licensing and professional association certification for mental health professionals. These organizations are the American Psychological Association (APA), the National Council for Accreditation of Mental Health Education (NCAHFE), and the American Medical Association (AMA).

How To Get A Master’s Degree In Psychology?

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To qualify for a Master’s degree in Psychology, a person needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Those with higher educational qualifications have better chances of earning higher salaries. A graduate student who majored in psychology can pursue a doctoral degree as well. The higher the educational qualification, the greater the earning potential.

Aspiring therapists earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. For those already working in the field, a master’s allows for a step up in salary. In addition, there are various certificate programs available to further enhance credentials. Those who earn their degrees on the other hand earn a Master’s level in a related area of psychology. A doctoral degree requires additional years of study, but is generally recognized as a prestigious credential.

Ways To Earn As A Mental Health Therapist

In order to be eligible for a Master’s degree, a candidate must have completed an undergraduate degree. For therapists who wish to continue their education, they may pursue a doctoral program. During his or her time as a doctoral candidate, a therapist will study specific areas of psychology. Some areas of concentration include; human behavior, personality disorders, social and personal development, correctional and substance abuse, school violence, and forensic psychology.

In order to be considered for the Master’s level positions in clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, an individual must earn at least a bachelor’s degree. There are specific requirements needed to enter this program, but most states do not require anything more than a high school diploma. Candidates who have earned a Master’s degree are considered undergraduate students in their respective fields. Some states require a minimum GPA score as well, which will serve as a weight towards entering the program. A doctoral candidate will earn the highest salaries among all accredited clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. In fact, there have been some instances where individuals who earn their degrees in other disciplines have been unable to enter the mental health counseling field because of the stiff competition.

Final Thoughts

To increase your earning potential, consider getting training with an experienced clinical therapist who is already employed by a well-known mental health counseling agency. Your earnings as a therapist will depend largely on the amount of experience you have and the type of clinic you work at. If you are working in a large city clinic, then you may earn more than if you work at a smaller rural facility. All factors will affect the salary you receive as a therapist, so it is important to understand them.

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