How To Control Cravings


Have you ever given a thought to why you can’t control your cravings? Do you ever think where that money goes which you plan to save every month? Well, food is the answer to these questions. You’re hungry, you go out and snack on some street food or order some pizzas at home or visit the nearest food joint around the corner. Most of these moves are unplanned and a lot of these foods are unhealthy. Eating healthy food is very important for all of us. It helps in building muscles, keeping the system clean and provides energy throughout the day.

Our body requires fuelling at regular interval to stay active. This fuel is the food we consume. Our body is quite similar to a machine and any fuel which is not suitable for the body will result in a breakdown. This breakdown is caused by the unhealthy foods we consume. Do we knowingly consume it? Well, no, we often consume any food we get out of hunger. These hunger cravings lead to consumption of unhealthy as well as healthy food.

How To Control Cravings?
How To Control Cravings?

Are Cravings Bad For Our Health?

No, it’s completely normal and natural. Whenever the body runs out of energy, we feel hungry. To suffice this hunger we snack on any food we get. This is where we go wrong, we surely need to keep a note on our meals and try to control our cravings. Cravings are also caused by fatigue, stress, depression, etc.

Go For a Walk

Do you really think going for a walk will reduce hunger? Most people think it increases hunger as the body utilizes all the available energy. You will be a little surprised to know that taking a walk can reduce the cravings for snacking. A survey hosted by the University of Exeter, in England stated that taking a walk just before snacking on something unhealthy can reduce cravings. Well, you can also snack on healthy food but the quantity of consumption reduces drastically due to walking.

How To Control Cravings?
How To Control Cravings?

Is Sleep Anti-Craving?

Can you believe that? When you are craving for food, you can try to get some sleep. It actually reduces hunger. Eating healthy food will cause no harm but you can try to reduce your cravings as well. It is not possible to eat healthy every time, like at office hours, at field job, etc. You don’t have to sleep at office hours either, but get more sleep when you are at bed. Lack of sleep leads to unnecessary food cravings.

Better Surrounding

You might not trust this, but it is true. Your surroundings have a greater influence on your eating habits and sudden cravings. You wish to eat healthy food then you must carry some along with you to the office. The street food around the corner near your office might not be healthy enough for you. We often tend to suffice our cravings with these street foods as they smell really good. A study suggests that the smell of food can also arouse cravings even if we are not hungry. Therefore, a better surrounding might just clip the craving part.

It is completely fine to snack on something to satisfy food cravings but healthy eating habits are more important. You can try any of the above-mentioned tips to clip your craving for good.