Healthy Tips for Working Women

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A typical office job today requires a person to sit in front of the computer or in the office chair for long hours at a stretch. The sedentary jobs of an IT employee or an MNC employee necessitates these people to sit in front of the computer screen for hours at stretch. Many of them develop carpel tunnel syndrome or chronic back pain due to wrong postures and many of them develop gas and bloating due to the continuous sitting posture. The coughing or sneezing co-workers, stressed environment and the quickly gulped down doughnuts and sandwiches can do more harm to your body than you can imagine. Here are some healthy tips for working women or office going women.

Take Frequent Breaks

Working women should take frequent breaks in-between work hours. Long hours of sitting in front of the desktop or laptop can strain their backs and ruin their postures. They should get up after every few hours to stretch their bodies or take a small walk around. This will give your muscles some movement and enhance blood circulation. 

Check your Posture

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Taking frequent breaks is important, but what is more important is to check your sitting posture while working. Ensure that you are not hunching or slouching. Keep your back straight or keep a pillow behind your back while working. Also, remember to give a break to your fingers from typing continuously as you may get carpel tunnel syndrome. It is advised to take frequent breaks for a typical sitting or typing job and flexing your muscles to relax your body.

Pack your own Tiffin from Home

One of the toughest things for working women is to get up in the mornings everyday and cook their own tiffin. They give in to processed or packed foods that are quick to make and eat. This, in the long run, causes acidity, heart burn and gastric issues. They also tend to put on weight by eating a lot of junk food. They should keep hydrating themselves with coconut water or fresh juices.

Yoga and Meditation

Lastly, regular exercise, yoga and meditation everyday in the mornings or late evenings will help you relax and exercise your bodies so as to prevent any form of bodily malfunction later on. It will help you stay fit, boost your minds and stay active. 

Lastly, a good laugh, some time out with friends and some fun will help you keep the stress at bay. Always go for periodic health checkups to rule out any health issues. Wear a good-quality sun-block before stepping out of the house and also install anti-glare sunscreens in your work place to reduce the impact of computer screens. These are some of the important healthy tips for working women. Following these regularly will help you stay fit for longer and not ruin your bodies or health in the long run.

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