Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love

Healthy Snacks – Mostly Enjoyed By Kids

Kids enjoy snacks during the evening after playing for a long time, returning after school or during break time. With the responsibility to take care of our kids, it is necessary to satisfy their needs with a healthy snack. The snack should contain maximum nutrients required by the kid who avoids eating vegetables and fruits prepared by usual recipes.

With interesting recipes and healthy ingredients, healthy snack is a success and most enjoyed among kids. With incorporating least favourite vegetables into the snack, it is consumed without the slightest knowledge of the kid.

The preparation of a healthy snack does not take a long time to prepare and is cooked without effort.

The varieties of healthy snacks enjoyed by the kids are discussed below to help your kid fight hunger healthily.

Healthy Snacks – Mostly Enjoyed By Kids
Healthy Snacks – Mostly Enjoyed By Kids

Types Of Healthy Snacks

Nuts and spices

Enjoyed by all the kids and is the best source of healthy fat, protein, and fiber. It can be consumed in small quantities, and hunger is gone for a few hours. They taste good and can be seasoned with pepper or roasted. Can be packed and taken to school and consumed during break time.


Fruits can be consumed raw to obtain maximum nutrients available and hence can be cut into pieces, stored and eaten during hunger. No form of seasoning or preparation is required for consuming fruit. Other forms of making a healthy snack with fruit are by making milkshakes, salads or smoothies which is preferred by the kids.


Boiled eggs or omelets form a simple and healthy snack without any compromise on the nutrients required. Eggs contain protein and are recommended for kids daily. Making boiled eggs or serving in the form of omelet according to the kid’s taste can be done.


An easily prepared snack loaded with lots of yummy vegetables, loads of cheese/chutney and served hot with ketchup is every kid’s favorite. No child can say no to Sandwiches, so add nutrients in it to make it healthy. With the help of a toaster, making a sandwich is a piece of cake. Offering all the source of protein, it is prepared within a short period.

Healthy Snacks – Mostly Enjoyed By Kids
Healthy Snacks – Mostly Enjoyed By Kids


Pulses can be baked and served hot with seasoning to kids for a high source of protein. Easy to prepare and requires fewer ingredients; it will offer all the protein needed a healthy lifestyle. Pulses, when baked and consumed with an exciting dip, will remain to the kid’s favourite always. Pulses like various kinds of Dals are cooked as an evening snack in every Indian kitchen.


Smoothies or milkshakes when served cold is never taken as a no for kids. Favourite fruits, when blended with milk and served with seasoning, offers a power packed nutrient content.


A source of protein and can be consumed raw, still has been preferred by all the parents for their kid’s healthy life. Seeds like pumpkin, chia seeds are packed with protein and are enjoyed by the kid for its simplicity.

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