Healthy Snacks You Should Try

Do We Take Healthy Meals?

We love to eat but we often fail to eat healthily. We don’t always check whether the food is healthy or not before consuming it. As a result, we complain a lot about our health and the growth of obesity. A lot of factors depend on our eating habits. There are a couple of things which should be considered. These things are, munching on healthy snacks, the time of eating and the quantity we should consume.

Munching on Healthy Snacks
Munching on Healthy Snacks

What Is The Best Time For Eating Snacks?

We must eat our meals at the right time. Especially when it comes to healthy snacks, it will only keep you healthy if you consume it at the right time. Munching on an energy bar with a cup of coffee at 10 am isn’t always healthy. Once or twice is fine but making it a part of your daily routine is unacceptable. Eating snacks isn’t healthy because this leads to skipping the main meals of the day. When you feel hungry in between two main meals of the day, you can eat some snacks. Otherwise, it is really unhealthy. A survey conducted on a group of people states that people skip their meals because they don’t feel hungry. This is because they snack on something at an odd hour of the day. This suffices the hunger and they tend to miss out on the main meal.

What Snacks Are Best For Consumption?

Any snacks which consist of a maximum of 250 calories are healthy snacks. Food with a minimum of 3 gm fiber, 5 gm protein and 6 gm of fat is suitable for consumption as snacks. These foods are not heavily filling and suffice the hunger for the time being. It allows you to have a balanced meal throughout the day. You don’t feel hungry at odd hours and you don’t have to skip a meal.

How Much Is Enough?

You need to eat at least three main meals every day, which are breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between these meals you can eat snacks if you feel hungry. Snacks consumed are only termed as healthy snacks when they have the right amount of nutrient content in them. Also, you need to know what amount of snacks is enough for you. We often indulge ourselves into heavy snacking which leads to missing out on the main meals of the day. This is a very bad habit and should be avoided. Consume little quantity of snacks so that your hunger is satisfied before any main meal. Do not over eat as is unhealthy and leads to missing out on main meals.

All snacks are healthy if we are truly aware of their contents and the quantity to consume. On the contrary, snacks high in fat and calories such as fried snacks, donuts, Nutella sandwich, etc are unhealthy. These are highly addictive snacks and we often miss out on the count, while consuming them. The best way to maintain our health is to depend on healthy foods when hungry in between two main meals. Along with this, you also need to monitor the quantity you are consuming.

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