Health And The Socio-Cultural Influence

Health And The Socio-Cultural Influence

There are several aspects that determine our health and fitness. Apart from the most obvious aspects of genes and biology, individualistic behavior plays an important role. These behaviors include aspects like exercising often and having a balanced diet. On the contrary, it can also mean smoking and drinking often. Most people think that health only relates to genetic aspects. However, both social and physical scenarios leave an impact. Here, we will discuss the socio-culture influences of our health.

How Socio-Culture Influences Health?

You’re definitely looking forward to improving your health and fitness condition and are keen to know how socio-cultures matter. These determine the way we are born and brought up – the way we live, learn, play, and work. Our community leaves an impact on these aspects, and it can range from good educational level to exposure to violence. You can easily determine the relationship between health and socio-culture through these aspects.

How To Access To a Healthy Life?

Your fitness level will depend on how accessible you are to healthcare facilities. People who have health insurance tend to visit the doctor regularly. These might be due to preventive care or regular checkup. However, everyone doesn’t have access to insurance – some don’t even have enough money to commute to a doctor. And some people might not be able to afford one. An impact on your access to good health is left by them.

Health And The Socio-Cultural Influence
Health And The Socio-Cultural Influence

How To Keep Yourself Healthy?

Socio-cultures also teach us ways to keep ourselves healthy. These can be based on traditional home remedies or by simply following healthy ways of living. To keep your fitness level at its best, you must:

  • have access to nutritious food
  • have access to pure drinking water
  • get proper electricity and sanitation facilities
  • have proper social and physical development from childhood
  • find access to health care

How To Access To Education?

Education helps you know things beyond what you experience in your daily life. It adds knowledge to your mind and helps you understand how big the world is. People who get educated learn the importance of health and fitness. They’re more likely to be a part of healthy activities, exercise, and keep away from bad habits. Education also helps you have better access to work opportunities and improve your social standards. It has been powerful enough to take people from rags to riches, and change their socio-culture.

Health And The Socio-Cultural Influence
Health And The Socio-Cultural Influence

How To Access To Economic Wealth?

Education goes hand in hand with monetary opportunities. However, inheritance is a sheer way of gaining economic wealth irrespective of the role education may or may not play. Being wealthy is not completely related to having good access to healthy food, sanitation, and other basics needs. This is because people less educated might not know what is best for them and be bound by age-old socio-cultural practices. None-the-less, the more the income, the more the practical accessibility to better health! People just need to navigate their way to be in their best physical and mental state.

These are the three primary aspects that determine the relation between socio-culture and health. Every culture and ethnicity, have their own set of belief and practices. Where you come from will determine how you think and what you do. If there are aspects that need change, you will have to consider what you can do about them and make a difference.

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