Have You Ever Tried Two Person Yoga Poses

2 person yoga poses

Yoga is an exercise that moves the body to different positions to improve fit and flexibility, enhance breathing, and relax the mind. Yoga is a mental and physical workout. Other forms of yoga merge physical position, breathing, meditation, or relaxation.

Taking a yoga pose with the help of another person is called partner yoga or couple yoga. If it includes acrobatic fun, it is called Acro Yoga. Acro yoga involves two challenging yoga postures that need more energy and can head towards injury. This practice is fundamentally based on two yoga poses but usually involves a third person as a spotter to counteract errors.

Below are the different types of yoga, which include two people.

Partner Forward Fold

Yoga Poses

Spread your legs wide, straight forward, and sit on the other side of your partner. Place the soles of your feet on your partner and grab each other’s forearms. Then one person slowly hinges forward from the waist, and the other gently pull towards the waist. Continue until you feel the hamstrings grow deeper, then hold the pose several times here. Then slowly return and swap over. This time the second person will bend forward, and the first person will gently pull towards you. If you feel the hamstrings stretch, hold your breath again in this position several times.

Benefit:- It stretches the hamstring making legs flexible.

Temple Pose

Yoga Poses

Start by facing each other while standing with your legs separated by the width of your hips. Stick your arms over your head, extend them, and hinge your hips forward slowly until you reach your partner. Once in this position, slowly start tilting forward, holding your elbows, forearms, and hands, and leaning against your partner. It would help if you pushed your arms and hands and put equal weight on each other to release your chest toward the ground. Hold your breath a few times, then slowly walk towards each other, erect your torso and lower your arms.

Benefit:- A great pose to free up the shoulders and chest.

Flying Bow

This pose can be achieved from the position of the flying Superman. When it comes to the Flying Superman pose, the base holds the top person’s shoulders firmly to provide support, and the entire person bends one leg to reach the ankle, doing the same on the other side and behind. Bend deeply into. Form a bow pose. If the top person is stable and the base’s feet are correctly positioned, the base can be lifted off the whole person’s shoulders to create the appearance of a flying bow. Alternatively, you can hold each other’s hands to balance and change poses.

Benefit:- This high-level pose develops the strength of the lower body of the base person while opening the chest, stretching the spine, and releasing the tension of the top person.


There are many poses for two-person yoga, and some poses are challenging to execute. If two-person want to start practicing, they should begin under the supervision of an expert. So they should clear beginner and intermediate yoga poses and should go to advanced level.

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