Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Exercise Non-Slip Yoga Mat

It’s not easy to go out for exercise time during winters. Especially for those who are lazy. It’s better to do yoga daily in winter than to skip your exercise time. Yoga is beneficial, and it will develop your physical, spiritual, and mental health. Here we have few exercise or yoga products that will help you to continue your routine in any season.

Few Exercise Time Products

Exercise Non-Slip Yoga Mat

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Exercise Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Yoga exercise has to do on a comfortable non-slip mat. These types of mats are used to perform different kinds of activities. It gives you protection against sitting on the floor. The exercise non-slip yoga mats made from high-quality rubber, which can be role when needed. The non-slip yoga mats will support your back from any strain.

Product Description

You can perform different work out activities on this non-slip yoga mat.

The non-slip yoga mat will protect your skin from the cold or hot of the ground.

It’s portable and compact, so you take it anywhere with you.

This non-slip yoga mat will allow you to do exercise in all seasons.

The material used in this non-slip yoga mat is EVA.

This non-slip yoga mat is 60 x 25 x 1.5cm in size.

The thickness of this yoga mat is around 15 mm.

Key Features

Helpful Material For Workout

The non-slip yoga mat will help you to release strain from your body. The workout is essential in all the cares whether you want to lose weight or you want to stay fit. Yoga is an everyday fitness activity mostly done by all the people these days. With suitable material for a yoga workout, you will get relaxed. Now you can do all the fitness activities in all seasons with this yoga mat. 

Easy To Use Mat

This non-slip yoga mat is easy to use. And easy to store as well. The mat is compact and lightweight at the same time. You can use this mat anyplace you want. It’s that much easy to carry. And it’s perfect for all yoga activities. Whether your ground is hot or cold, this yoga mat will support you at any temperature.   

Sand Timer Functional Home Decor

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Sand Timer Functional Home Decor

We all use to see the time while we workout. But seeing your wall clock or smartwatch is now standard. So we have a sand timer functional home decor. This will be your showcase item as well as for seeing the time or run down. It’s a simple device that will tell you to count down without and distraction.

 Product Description  

The sand timer is perfect for yoga and as well as for meditation.

It will tell you time equivalent to 60 minutes.

This sand timer is a classic decor fro you home.

The material used in this sand timer is wood and glass.

This sand timer weights approx 500 to 550 grams.

The size of this sand timer is 10 x 10 x 20.5 cm.

Key Features

Looks Good For Exercise Time

The normal to see time on the wall clock or any other watch. But having sand timer functional decor is something different and new. This sand timer will show you a sixty minutes count down. In a different way. 

Elegant Decoration Item

This sand timer made of good quality of wood and glass. The design of this decor item is beautiful and rich. It also can be a perfect vintage gift for someone liking old stuff. 

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