Everything you need to learn about Hero Yoga Pose

Hero Yoga Pose

Meta Description: The Virasana or the Hero yoga pose derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Vira’ meaning Hero. The Virasana or the Hero Pose is a beautiful yoga asana.

The Virasana derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Vira’ meaning Hero. The Virasana or the Hero Pose is a beautiful yoga asana. It is a seated pose which improves the posture and increases circulation in the legs. It prepares the body for sitting in mediation for prolonged periods.

A conventional hero is someone who fights for the world. He is a protector of his world. He sits still only after he has conquered his enemy. According to yoga, a hero is the name given to someone who overcomes his or her own turmoil. This asana helps to calm one’s inner turmoil.

The Virasana helps in creating a deep flexion in the knee joint and makes it stable. This posture is excellent for the knees and keeps them healthy and mobile. People with existing knee or ankle injuries should refrain from practising this pose.

This asana should preferably be practised early in the morning along with other asanas. If not then make sure there is a gap of at least four to six hours between your meal and your practice, ensuring an empty stomach and bowels.


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Step by step guide:

This asana begins by kneeling on the floor. Ensure that the knees are placed directly underneath your hips. Let the hands rest on the knees.

Bring in your knees closer to each other such that the gap between the feet widens. The gap between your feet should be wider than the width of the hips.

Now, firmly press the top of your feet into the ground.

Slowly, lower your hips and sit on the mat. Roll your calves away and ensure that your hips are between the heels.

Ensure that you do not get any sharp pain or twisting sensation in your knees while you get into the pose.

Your toes should be pointing outwards and back.

Pull your navel inwards and extend the tailbone from the crown of the head to the ground.

Hold on to the position for around 30 seconds and then release. If you find yourself comfortable in this posture, you can use this position for meditation.

Benefits of Virasana/Hero Pose

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These are some amazing benefits of the Virasana:

It stretches your ankles, knees and thighs

It makes the arches of your feet very strong

This asana relieves gas and also improves digestion

Virasana helps to relieve the symptoms of menopause

It reduces the swelling on the legs in the second trimester of pregnancy

It improves the blood circulation in the legs and also relaxes tired legs

Virasana improves your bodily posture

It cures high blood pressure, flat feet and asthma

Contraindications and Necessary Precautions

This asana should not be performed by one who has:

Heart problems

Knee or ankle injury


One can use a bolster to practise this pose in case of a headache

The Science Behind the Hero Yoga Pose

This asana looks very simple but it requires the ankles, thighs, hip flexors and back to be very flexible. It makes your knees very flexible too. It enables the knees to have a deep fold. Today, most of us are not used to sitting on the floor for prolonged periods. The Virasana puts an immense pressure on the tops of our feet. This asana also compresses the lower torso and strains the thighs. If practised regularly, this asana helps you perform your daily activities like walking, running and cycling very well. It strengthens the arches of your feet and elongates the quadriceps. The sacrum is also broadened. Virasana also helps in proper digestion.

This pose is ideal for meditation because the posture instills in a sense of quiet and calm. This pose also helps you make your mind stable without getting too attached. It resembles the stance of a stable-minded warrior or a strong-bodies warrior and hence the name – Hero Pose is given to it.

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