Everything To Know About Mental Health Therapy

Mental Health Therapy

Mental Health Therapy occurs in many contexts. This treatment is incomplete without a disciplinary unit. This unit consists of counselors, psychologists, nurses, psychiatrists, and assistance experts, which plays a vital role in guiding people dealing with subjects that harm their mental health and contentment.

Definition of Mental Health

Counseling and Mental Health Therapy
Counseling and Mental Health Therapy

Mental health is a psychological, emotional, and social phase that any individual may have to struggle for. In fact, mental health depends on our ability to think, act, and feel. People with good mental health can handle stress well and can make choices of their own. Mental health plays a vital role throughout our livelihood. 

Recovery from mental ailments is a transformation method through which patients improve their health, live their lives independently and reach their potentiality.

Types of Mental Health Therapy # 1: Counseling

Counseling can help you in mental and physical health conditions like anxiety, depression, and infertility. Apart from this, issues like relationship disputes, sexual identity, emotion handling, etc. also can be aided through counseling.

In counseling, all the issues mentioned above are discussed, and a disciplinary solution is advised as a part of treatment. 

Type # 2:Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

This, most popular form of mental health therapy is used for anxiety, low mood upheavals, panic attacks, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). 

CBT gives you mechanisms to stand against negative thinking. This way, you can alter the way you feel, think, and handle situations around.

Type # 3:Existential therapy

This therapy is a part of psychotherapy where life concerns or other existential matters are handled. It comforts you from anxieties and other existing fears about life and helps deal with every sort of complex situations.

The issues examined in this therapy are Liberty rights, responsibility, and fear of Death. Existential therapy intends to self-examine and help tackle these issues and acknowledge the liberty of voice raising. 

Type# 4: Family Therapy

There are many issues in families focusing on an individual or as a whole. Due to some reasons, there are disputes and grief in families, leading to mental health treatment.

Therefore, family therapy is given to an entire family who is facing the above traumas with each other.

This therapy is slightly different from all other types, as here, the family is considered as a whole, and not just an individual is focused. 

The relationship between the family members is considered, and a considerable solution is put forth considering everyone’s concerns about grief and intolerances. 

For example, if any relative of the family has serious mental health issues or is suffering from drug addiction and the family is in grief or stress due to these problems. Family therapy helps members of the family understand the needs and views of the person suffering. In this way, the therapy helps in strengthening the bond in the relationship by overcoming the hurdles.

Type # 5 Art therapy

Family Mental Health Therapy
Family Mental Health Therapy

Art therapy is usually given to neurological and behavioral conditions. It is a process of creative healing. Here, art is used as a medium of expressing views and thoughts to open up and overcome the dilemmas.

If you have any of these issues, it is better you talk to your doctor or any other health expert and get yourself diagnosed. There are also many other kinds of mental health therapy; if you are keen to know about them, comment in the section below. 

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