Eat Healthy, Happy Heartbeat

Healthy Eat, Happy Heartbeat

When someone says, “Let’s eat healthy” you won’t have to squish your face in disappointment.

After reading this article, you might think eating healthy is not such a bad idea.

Here are some quick, delicious and healthy food recipes to try out.

1. Peanut Butter Wraps

Mix equal amounts of peanut butter and Greek yogurt. Spread a ¼ cup of this mixture on your desired wrap. Add some sliced banana and 2 tsp of granola or nuts. You are good to go. This is one of those healthy food recipes that can give you energy for the day.

2. Yogurt Smeared Fruits

Take 1/3 cup of Greek yogurt in a vessel. Add a layer of your favorite fruit, like strawberries, and cover this layer with another 1/3 cup of Greek yogurt. Finish with some nuts on the top. That’s it.

3. Tuna Wrap

Take some spinach and some sliced tomatoes and put them over your wrap shell. Add 2 tbsp of tzatziki sauce to a can of tuna. Put this tuna mixture on your wrap. Optionally, you can also add mustard or 2 tsp of olive oil.

Healthy Eat, Happy Heartbeat
Healthy Eat, Happy Heartbeat

4.Vegetable Upma

Take 3 cups of water in a container, bring to a boil. Add a ½ cup of carrots, a ¼ cup of peas and a ¼ cup of beans in the container. Cook them until they are soft and keep aside.

In another pan,  Take Ghee, Mustard seeds, around 7-8 pieces of Curry leaves and saute them for 10 seconds. Add ½ cup onion, fry them till they are soft. Add ½ cup Sooji (Semolina), fry till light brown then add one chopped Green Chilli, fry for 5-7 mins.

Add boiled vegetables, Mix until thick. You can have an awesome start for the day by eating healthy food recipes like this.

5.Veg Grilled Sandwich

Take three slices of bread, spread butter and green chutney (finely ground coriander leaves) on each of them. On one slice, put thinly sliced onion, boiled potato and sprinkle Chaat masala. Put thinly sliced cucumber, tomato, capsicum, Chaat masala and cheese on another slice. Stack them together and Grill them.

6. Avocado Egg Sandwich

Take two slices of bread. Add avocado, lemon juice and oil, mash until smooth. Add chopped eggs, salt, celery, and pepper and stir. Place a leaf of lettuce on one slice of bread and spoon the mixture onto it and cover with another slice.

7. Veggie Sandwich

Add avocado, lemon juice, and mash until smooth. Spread mixture over one slice of bread. Put carrot, cucumber, and red pepper strips on top of the avocado mixture. Sprinkle feta cheese, salt, and black pepper and Cover with another slice.

Healthy Eat, Happy Heartbeat
Healthy Eat, Happy Heartbeat

8.Strawberry Almond Butter Sandwich

Take toasted bread. Mix almond butter, cream cheese, and honey in a container. Spread the mixture on each slice of bread evenly. Top with strawberries slices and cover with another slice. This is one of the most delicious healthy food recipes.

9. Carrot & Hummus Sandwich

Take toasted bread, layer both slices of bread with hummus. Add grated carrot mixture, season with black pepper, and you are finished.

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