Easy And Simple Hatha Yoga Poses Every Beginner Can Practice At Home

hatha yoga poses

Easy And Simple Hatha Yoga Poses Every Beginner Can Practice At Home

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Do you know about Hatha yoga? Hatha yoga is actually a branch of yoga that juts comes to your mind whenever you think of yoga in general terms. Hatha yoga practice includes body, breath and mind. Hatha yoga is all about balancing the mind and body. The “Ha” represents the esoteric sun while “tha” represents the moon. The practice of this Hatha yoga aims to balance, join, yoke these two engines. A yoga class that is described as “Hatha” will involve a set of physical postures that are the yoga poses and breathing techniques. These are typically practiced more slowly and more static postures holds than a Vinyasa flow or the Ashtanga class. Hatha consists of many different asanas or poses and breathing techniques that are highly recommended for the beginners that are doing yoga at home. Here we will discuss about the different Hatha yoga poses.

The Lotus Pose

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The lotus pose is perhaps one of the easiest Hatha yoga poses. This pose teaches us awareness, meditation and patience. You will have to start in a sitting position with your legs stretched out in front of you. Then you have to slowly bend your right leg and bring your foot close to your left groin. Now bend your left leg and slide it on top of the right. But you have to keep the soles of your feet perpendicular to the floor. Bring your hands to prayer position in chest level and take deep breaths and relax.

Next Is The Plow Pose

This pose helps to stretch and strengthen both your back and leg muscles. It is a good pose to learn as it will help in improving flexibility when you do yoga at home. To start this position you have to lay on your back with arms by your side. Then bend your knees slowly and bring the soles of your foot close to your buttocks. Raise your heels towards the ceiling while your arms and back is pressed on the floor. Now lower your legs over your head close to the floor. Then you have to hold 4-5 breaths before you go back to the starting position.

Staff Pose

This yoga pose stretches the back of your legs and opens your chest and lengthens your spine.to start this pose you have to start in a sitting position with your legs stretched in front of you. Put your hands behind your hips with your fingers pointing away from you. Then keep your back straight and keep your shoulders in a relaxed position then slowly press your chest forward. Stretch your arms then pull your toes towards you. Hold this pose for about 3 to 6 breaths.

So these are some of the hatha yoga poses that you can try at home. These are easy to follow and will help you in many ways. When you do this yoga at home first practice these easy Hatha yoga poses first before you move on to the complex poses.

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