Delicious Healthy Meal That You Can Cook Under 30 Minutes

Delicious Healthy Meal

Eating healthy meals has a lot of benefits. It keeps our body in balance, mentally as well as physically. Delicious Healthy meals meet your nutritional needs and keep the deadly diseases away. The benefits are numerous, you will start to notice the changes in a few days after you start eating healthy. The better you eat, the better you sleep. You will feel more energetic and will be able to concentrate better. This will increase your creativity and productivity.

Healthy Meals Are Delicious

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A lot of people have a misconception that healthy foods are bland and very boring. Well, by the end of this article you will be drooling to cook all the meals today. We have listed all the delicious healthy meals that you can cook under 30 minutes. No more time excuses to grab that pizza slice.

Delicious Healthy Meal Ideas

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Easy Fish curry is on the top of the list for its finger licking taste and nutrition. Everybody knows fish is the healthiest and it is packed with protein and nutrients. Not just that it is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. Combine curry leaves which adds a beautiful smell and flavour to the curry. Curry leaves are again packed with benefits. Serve this curry with rice or any kind of bread.

Fish Taco with Avocado Salsa is a finger licking meal you can opt for at any hour of the day. This can although be a great dinner and lunch meal idea as it is easy to prepare. Fleshy fish wrapped inside the crispy taco, and severed with avocado salsa can beat any bad mood. Avocados are great for digestion, and overall health. The combination of fish and avocado provides healthy fats that improves our skin health.

Mexican Eggs with potato hash make a flavour filled meal that leaves your taste buds satisfied. This is easy to make, you just need one pan to cook this. In this meal you get the carbs, protein, fibre, fat, everything that you need. When you are having a busy day, can’t do the dishes then opt for Mexican Eggs with hash potato.

Delicious Healthy Salad Meal

Salads are great for dinners, just make the right choices and put in together for a delicious bite. Seasonal colourful veggies and fruits can make a vibrant salad bowl for you. Eating light during the night doesn’t put a load on your digestive system and let the body rest. Salads are also very low in calorie so you can maintain or lose weight with salad meals. You can add berries, nuts and other seasoning to make your salad delicious. A tangy, sweet or cream dressing also wakes up the hunger in you.


Eating healthy will always keep you fit. Your bones, muscles will grow stronger and you feel happy throughout the day. There will be less anger and aggression issues. Just feed the right amount of food to your body.

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