Date Of Yoga Day – A Festival Lost

date of yoga day

“I am the chief minister of Gujarat and I greet all people on the occasion of Yoga Day. This is the ancient festival of India which is celebrated with joy and happiness throughout the world. On this day, the happiness of India is overcome by the joy and happiness of the people. On this day, all the cities of India celebrate the victory of the forces of nature against the powers of the dark arch enemy, the devil.” Those were the words spoken by Gujarat’s Chief Minister Ahmedabad V.P. Tourism and Culture Minister Shri Shantadurga Sanjay Gandhi during the Gujarat government’s Annual Tourism Press Conference, held on the very day that India celebrates its sixty-fifth National Yoga Day.

Prime minister Modi also paid homage to the divine feminine power and beauty and lauded the benefits that yoga brings in every individual’s life. He said that all the gods had been created from fire and the soul of every Hindu goddess is as beautiful as her body. He further added that every human being has the potential of living a happy life if only he/she is willing to reach that place where he/she is believed to be dwelling. This quotation from the Prime Minister represents the heart of international yoga day. It is the dream of every person on this earth to live a happy life and attain that place where he/she is believed to be dwelling. It is the desire of every person to see his/her family being happy and healthy.

What is so Special about Yoga Day

On the very day that the Chief Minister made his address in the backdrop of the setting sun, a mysterious incident occurred at the Gujjat police station where an inspector on duty, attached to the riot control department was found shot dead. The inspector was identified as Sanjay Ghemawaj, who was found with his hands tied behind his back. His death was ruled as a suicide and the Chief Minister took immediate decision to suspend all further police operations. Later in the evening, news of the murder of the Chief Minister’s assistant cropped up and rumors spread like wildfire.

The next morning, news of the murder of Sanjay and the revelation of the police inspector’s Gruesome murder spread like wildfire across the state. The Chief Minister along with other political leaders of different states of India rushed to the spot to find out about the circumstances behind the murder of Sanjay. This made the Prime Minister of India extremely angry. He ordered all the police officers who were present in the Gujjat police station on the date of yoga day to report any suspicious activities to him immediately. He made sure that all the vehicles that were present at the time of the murder of Sanjay were removed and the investigation started at the instance of the Chief Minister.

The prime minister used his power and changed the mode of instruction of the Gujjat police department, telling all the police personnel that they are free to do their job even on the third month of the new year. The change in the instructions sparked a new controversy in the RSS and other right-wing organizations that was to be ignited by the police officials. They alleged that the state government was trying to appease the opposition by changing the rule and allowing the police officials to do their job. Soon enough, the entire state of Gujarat was involved in a raging controversy, and this led to the Prime Minister sacking the governor of Gujarat and ordering an investigation into the affair.

The next phase of this controversy saw the arrest of the Chief Minister and a minister in a separate state. These two cabinet ministers were identified as the person who canceled the yoga day festival. The Prime Minister had declared that he had canceled the date as it did not correspond with the Indian culture. He also clarified that this was a mere decision and there was no problem in making changes to the festival as and when needed.

The cancellation of the yoga day festival was seen as a U-turn by many people who believed that India should be judged by the better things it has achieved in its history and should not be allowed to lose its freedom. The PM made it clear that this would be a test for the people of Gujarat to prove that they could not be ruled by cow power. This led to the largest street riot since partition in decades. The riot spread to some other cities in Gujarat and left the city badly affected. The riot left thousands dead and displaced thousands more.


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The international yoga day festival was never the same again. The original intent behind organizing the event was to celebrate the ancient Indian sport of yoga. However, due to the recent communal riots in Gujarat, the government changed its mind and realized that it could not allow communalism to play spoilsport for the nation. The government banned all non-vegetarian activities on the auspicious occasion of June.

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