Classical Hatha Yoga for Health and Fitness

classical hatha yoga

Classical Hatha Yoga has evolved over the centuries. It has now become a complete system of health and fitness and has been proven to enhance overall well being. Through the various modifications that have been made to it since the time of the Buddha, Hatha Yoga brings a unique perspective to the practice of physical exercise. It incorporates all the elements for a total body transformation.

Hatha Yoga is basically a way to find your inner self and your connection to the universe. It initiates meditation, which is ultimately the Ultimate Yoga, and leads to deep relaxation, which is a powerful healing method. The postures thus are therapeutic in the treatment of injuries, chronic pain and other mental blocks, as well as the treatment of chronic illness and injury.

An Overview

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The classical hatha or bodily postures or poses are designed to align and balance the body and mind. Its goal is to bring the energy of the body, mind and breath together. You will feel the force of the body as you move through the asanas or postures of Hatha Yoga. As you become proficient in this style of exercise, you will be able to master and execute the different asanas on your own without the guidance of a yoga teacher or asana teacher.

The benefits of classical hatha yoga practice are not limited to physical well being but also include mental growth. Because these asanas are intended to align and balance the mind, they help to achieve the peace, harmony and tranquility necessary for personal growth. When you are doing postures regularly, you will gradually learn to reduce your anxiety levels, improve your concentration and alertness. This results in you feeling calmer and more focused. You will also notice that your moods improve as the flow of your energy becomes more stable.

Classic Hatha Yoga for Health

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If you have been working out for some time without a proper diet and exercise routine, then doing classical hatha yoga poses is like hitting two birds with one stone. Not only does it improve your strength, balance and flexibility, but it can also provide many health benefits. If you practice Hatha Yoga on a regular basis, you will find that the poses become easier and you will be able to do them with more ease. You will be able to derive the maximum benefit from each session and your body will display signs of increased strength, balance and flexibility.

When you perform these traditional postures correctly, the benefits of classical hatha yoga include improvement in concentration, alertness and vitality. These yoga asanas or poses are easy to learn and require only basic flexibility to master. There are a few basic poses such as seated jackknife, triangle, plank and triangle that every beginner should start with, as they will go a long way in helping you get into the right groove. Learning these poses well can go a long way in enhancing your level of health and fitness.

The benefits of classical hatha yoga include better breathing control and circulation, and a lower heart rate. Regular practice of these postures will also make you stronger and more flexible, increasing your resistance to injury. If you practice regularly, you will find that the soreness in your muscles is reduced and you are able to do more stretching. In fact, most experienced yogis will perform yoga with a purpose of improving their postural control and flexibility and thus preventing injuries as they perform their exercises.

Bottom Line

Asana and meditation work hand in hand with the classical hatha yoga postures. Doing asanas perfectly can help in keeping your mind clear and focusing on the posture while meditation helps you to bring your concentration back to the mantra. With a higher level of concentration, you can avoid distractions from outside sources like phone calls, television, and loud music. In addition, you will not be hurried or run down by these external factors. You will be able to focus and get things done much more effortlessly.

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