Changing Habits For Better Health


Having Good Habits is an essential part of living a healthy life. It is stated in physiology that any good or bad habits can be changed or adapted if we continue it for 21 consecutive days. Hence, having better health is just 21 days far. We have to make specific changes in our habits & thoughts and mind as well to have better health.

1st Habit For Better Health: Deliberation

Changing Habits For Better Health
Changing Habits For Better Health

“To deliberate the thoughts towards having better health”: The first stage includes observation and scanning of the habits needed for having better health. In this very early stage, we inspect and take surveys that which practices are required to have better health. We think of changing our habits which are not currently working.

We need motivation and guidance to change the habits that lead to better health. This is the beginning of the plan.

2nd Habit For Better Health: Composing

“Started taking actions towards the good habits”: In the second stage, we are quite ready to change and accept the best. This is the most exciting stage, as in this stage, our capabilities and will power are tested.

Everyone is willing to have better health, and for that, we have to undertake the most dominant habits. To reach our objectives of better health, we have to change practices wholeheartedly.

Habit For Better Health: Efforts

“Making efforts and practicing our set aims”: You have overcome the 70% of challenges when you reach the third level.

The first step to having better health is doing proper exercise. Then comes eating nutritious food with high calories and protein. Doing physical activities and maximizing the time of sleep are the most specific habits that develop better health. When you have decreased the screen time and have increased sleeping time, you will gain better health. Taking proper diet is the utmost habit one should develop in himself/herself.

You have completed 95% of your measures when you have reached this level. Cultivate these good habits and put effort into making your health better.

Habit For Better Health: Sustaining

“Preservation and Conservation of good habits”: The last and final stage shows that you have succeeded in your challenges and have developed the habits of better health for more than six months. The remaining 5% of your hard work is thoroughly emphasized in the final phase.

Whatever changes to have made in your routine will take you to better health, if and only if you maintain these habits for a lifetime. These habits should be exerted in our lives so exciting that they become our daily routine habits. After suffering from all the ups and downs, when you have reached this point, you have had made progress.

In conclusion, you have set an example for your friends and family by changing your habits. You will have more & more energy, and you have lowered the risk of health problems. In the end, you will have better health, a better lifestyle, and a better world for yourself.

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Changing Habits For Better Health
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