Best Easy Standing Yoga Poses For Your Morning Workouts

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As we all know, yoga is essential for every age group to maintain a healthy and fit body. It gives you flexibility in the body. If your body becomes strong, no disease can harm you. It assures the proper regulations of your body. Yoga exercises did not need any specific equipment and meant no harm to you. There are some easy and simple yoga poses that you should begin with.

Tips For Easy Standing Poses Of Yoga

A person standing in front of a sunset

If you are a beginner, you don’t need heavy yoga poses to do. You need some easy and effective standing poses that will make your body flexible and active also. Here are some standing easy yoga poses: 

  • Stand at Ease

To warm up your body, just stand at ease first. This pose is also called the mountain pose. To do the mountain pose, open your legs according to your hips distance. Open your arms also forward or towards your legs. Hold your breath 5-7 times and move your shoulders clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

  • High Lunge Pose

This exercise will strengthen and energise your body. Go your knee down on one leg and the other goes to the back, and your hands will be straight upward according to your back and stretch your legs. Do the same pose again with the second leg. 

  • Triangle Pose

Triangle pose is also called trikonasana. It can give you relief from the back pain. Open your legs wider than your arm’s distance. Take one hand and stretch it to the diagonal leg. Repeat the pose with another hand to its diagonal leg also. Hold 5-7 breaths while doing this exercise.

  • Chair Pose

Chair pose is also called Utkatasana. This yoga pose helps you to strengthen your legs and hands. Imagine you are sitting on a transparent chair, just like it bends itself. Hold your position for at least ten seconds. It will make your legs strong.

  • Big Toe Pose

Stand in attention and bend to your toes. Hold it for at least five to ten seconds. It will help you to stretch your whole body. It will also bring flexibility to your muscles and stretch your veins also and make your backbone strong.

  • Upward Salute

Upward salute is also called suryanamaskar. Surya Namaskar is done in front of the sun in the morning. And the sun is called Surya in Hindi. That is why its name is based on the sun. Put your one feet on the centre of the other leg and join your hands and move them upward straight. Hold your position for a minimum of ten to fifteen seconds. It will make your body flexible.


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We have given you all the details and tips about easy standing yoga poses. Keep the mentioned yoga poses in your mind. Stay healthy, active and stay safe!

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