Beginning Yoga Poses: Where to Learn Beginner Yoga Poses

beginning yoga poses

The purpose of this beginning Yoga for beginners’ guide is to reveal to you all the wonderful world of yoga positions that you can easily practice right now as a beginning yoga practitioner. This Yoga for beginners guide will guide you through the correct beginning Yoga positions that are simple enough for even a beginner to begin with. If you wish to become a competent Yoga practitioner, then this beginning Yoga for beginners’ guide is the right place to start. If you have no prior experience of Yoga, or if you feel uncomfortable with any of the positions described here, then you may skip to the next section, where I would recommend some of the best and most challenging Yoga positions for beginners. It’s good to jump into the more advanced Yoga positions first, as these will help to develop your body and strengthen your mind.

Beginning Yoga Poses

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One of the easiest Yoga poses, to begin with, is the Cobra pose, sometimes called the Half Spinal Twist. This is a basic yet quite powerful pose which many beginners find very challenging. To perform the Cobra pose, stand straight with your feet apart at shoulder width. Now bring one leg up to your chest and bring it down to touch your ankle just behind your neck.

Another one of the basic yoga poses for the beginning Yoga practitioner is called the Bridge. To do the Bridge, turn your upper torso to one side and place one foot forward on the flat part of the floor. Position your other foot on the raised portion of the floor, and lean back until your head and neck are supported by your upper body weight. Bring your legs back to the starting position and repeat.

One of the most difficult beginning yoga poses for beginners is the Tree Pose. This pose is often called the Cobra pose because of its characteristic curvature. To do the Tree pose, first, take a big breath and then relax your shoulders. Lift your chest and upper body up as high as you can, and then rest them back on the floor. Repeat the pose several times.

A Much Ado

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Beginners, especially, might find the Basic poses to be a bit tricky to master, especially if they are still very much new to yoga. In that case, a great way to ease your way into these yoga poses is to practice them several times a day. If you do the poses correctly, you should be able to do them no more than five times per day. That is the bare minimum number of times you should perform this basic yoga poses for the beginning yoga beginner.

As you become more advanced in your yoga beginner practice, then you can increase the repetitions or even decrease the number of times you use them. As with everything else, you will need to find what suits your individual needs best. If you have never learned any other poses before, you might want to begin with a basic one, such as the Tree pose. It is easy to master.

A wonderful resource for yoga beginner poses is Yoga Studio 101. Here you will learn about many poses you may not have heard of, and you will even be able to take a class to try them out. Yoga is such a diverse practice, it is possible to learn a lot about different poses simply by trying them out. This is a wonderful way to expand your knowledge of yoga, gain encouragement, and even develop your own signature style! With Yoga Studio 101, you will not only learn which poses you like best but also which ones are right for you.

Bottom Line

One other good place to learn about beginning yoga poses is from your teacher. Not just any teacher, mind you, but one who is experienced and knowledgeable in practice. Not all teachers are, and your Yoga Studio may not have a teacher like that. However, you can find plenty of information on the internet or in Yoga Studio reviews. And, you can also make your teacher responsible for teaching you what you don’t like or which poses you need help with.

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