Animal Yoga Poses For Kids: Teach Them To Stay Active and Fit

Yoga Poses for Kids

Children have a natural art of learning. Even though their world is new and fresh, they are masters of absolute strength and stamina. Yoga Poses For Kids are essential exercises to improve both physical and mental wellness. It is very well said that “If every child in this world is taught meditation and yoga, there will be no crime and violence anywhere.” This statement says everything. 

Yoga gives strength, concentration, endurance, confidence, and determination power. Also, there are a lot of psychological benefits of doing yoga regularly. Children are very energetic and enthusiastic. They simply love jumping, playing, and moving. Hence, teaching them various yoga poses can really be fun. 

When kids learn looking around in this world, the most attractive thing they find is ‘animals.’ They love to see the objects that move, are colorful, make sound, and looks bright. Teaching them animal poses through yoga can interest them and add lots of fun to regularly exercising it.

If you also want to introduce this part of the fun in your kid’s life, here are some fun-filled animal yoga poses for kids that are also good for you if you practice it with them.

Cat Pose– The most Funfilled Yoga Poses for Kids

Cat Yoga Poses For Kids
Cat Yoga Poses For Kids

Cat pose brings suppleness in the spine and invigorates the abdominal organs. It helps in opening up the neck, back, and torso and improves body posture. 

Yoga Poses For Kids-Cobra Pose

This asana is beneficial for abdominal organs and improving posture. It is an exercise for the throat, neck, spine, and abdomen. While lifting the chest in an upward direction, every muscle from the neck to the abdomen gets stretched with every breath. 

Cow Pose

For animal lovers, this exercise is the most interesting one. This pose is best for curing back problems. So, if your child has any problem with the spine or neck, this pose is best to practice. It is also good for emotional balance in kids. 

Downward Facing Dog

This pose is also called as Adho Mukha Svanasana. It is the best-known asanas of all as it is practiced while doing many other asanas. It strengthens the legs, arms, and back, bringing blood flow to the brain. 

Upward Facing Yoga Poses for Kids-Dog Pose

This pose is called Urdhva Mukha Svanasana. In this pose, the neck to abdominal portion is stretched against the floor, facing upwards. It gives a nice stretch to all body parts. It also allows the strengthening of the spine, torso, and arms.  

Cow Face Pose

The hips, ankles, shoulders, arms, and chest are the most stretched parts of this exercise. Along with this, almost every part of the body gets stretched and operated. 

Lion Pose

Cow Face Yoga Poses for kids
Cow Face Yoga Poses for kids

As the name indicates, in this asana, the body and face are expanded forcefully to imitate a lion’s roar. This pose stimulates all the nerves and blood flow to the face. If your child faces asthma or any other respiratory problem, this asana will help prevent all the related ailments. 

This posture is one of the most comprehensive facial yoga poses for kids.

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