All you need to know about Aurora Mental Health

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To provide people with better mental health used proven medical programs, Aurora Mental Health Centre has worked for more than 40 years. They also impart education which helps people to build their emotional health even if they encounter many personal challenges in their lives. Their staff is nationally and locally recognised and provides people with individual, group and family counselling. Services which focus on consultation and education are also provided by them. Their patients walk on the path of recovery and achieve a healthy and more productive life through their treatments.

A wide range of programs are offered by them which are as follows:


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Over here you can decide your own treatment with the help of the provider to meet the needs of your diagnosis. You are welcome for an initial assessment if you are concerned about the symptoms of cultural, emotional and behavioural functioning. You will need treatment only after the remedial need for such a therapy. You can pay the charges of the treatment in part or full depending upon your health coverage. 


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A lot of assessments are carried out by the staff members of the Aurora Mental Health centre to determine the kind of treatment needed to give to the patients. Sometimes you will be asked questions or you need to give a written evaluation survey of symptoms checklist to decide your treatment.

Interception and Early Mediation-

It also looks into preventing mental problems through a number of recognised programs and implements many brand new techniques to vocalize mental health importance in the community.

Few programs offer eligibility criteria but on the whole everybody from the community can take part in the program.

Accommodation Services-

It offers a number of residential services to the customers depending upon their needs and eligibility.

  • John Thomas House is a diversion program which provides the patients residential services for a short period of time depending upon their need and time taken to heal about their mental health crisis.
  • Aurora Veterans Home is a facility which helps the veterans suffering from homelessnes, mental disorders and mental health issues.
  • Marachek House is a group home which provides a complete care and relaxed environment.
  • Ursula Home, Hanover Street Apartments and Nome streets are some other residential services which are provided by the Aurora Mental Health Centre.

Distinctive Services- 

Aurora Mental Health centre provides a number of unique special services to meet the needs of preventing and intervening in the mental health crisis of people of the community. It also provides programs which are designed to meet the needs of some specific group of people.


Aurora Mental Health Centre is determined to help people who have mental and emotional issues in the community by implementing many programs and strategies to help the people in controlling these issues.

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