6 Types of Pepper You Must Know About

types of pepper

Pepper is a spice that comes from a plant of the same name, and can be found in many types of dishes. But some types are better for certain types of food than others. Here’s a rundown on six types you might not know about.

1. White pepper

Inexpensive types of pepper include white and black pepper, which are usually used for decoration or in large quantities. White pepper is actually produced from the same fruit as black, but has a much lighter color because it is made with the outer layer that was removed when making black pepper. The taste is less spicy but still pungent.

2. Szechuan pepper

Szechuan pepper is very different from the types of pepper you’ll find in your kitchen, and has an odd numbing effect on your mouth.  It’s often found in the same dishes as chilies, though chilies aren’t native to China – szechuan pepper is, and has been used in the Sichuan province for over two thousand years.  However, it didn’t become popular worldwide until about a hundred years ago, when chili peppers were introduced to China from South America.

3. Green peppercorns

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Another type of pepper that doesn’t come from a fruit like most types of pepper are peppercorns – green, black and white types all come from a different plant. Green peppercorns, however, come from unripe berries that aren’t even the same plant as types of pepper you’re probably already familiar with. They taste slightly sweet and extremely spicy.

4. Pink Pepper

One type of pepper that may surprise you with its beauty is pink pepper. It’s actually types of pepper in the same family as types of pepper, but has a  unique color  that makes it stand out when sprinkled on dishes. Pink types also taste slightly sweet and spicy.    

5. Tellicherry peppercorns

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These types of pepper are one of the highest quality types of pepper out there, and come from the Malabar coast in India. The flavor has a hint of spice with a strong smell, and these types of pepper are so expensive because the berries are so small they have to be picked one by one.  This makes them hard to harvest.

6. Saffron types of pepper

If you’re the types of person who likes to use types of pepper as decoration, it might be time to spice up your game with types of pepper that come from saffron. The most expensive types of pepper in the world, types of saffron types are so expensive because harvesting them involves killing the flowers they grow on.

While types of pepper are usually used for flavor, there are types of types you can use to make your food look beautiful! Just remember that types of pepper is an acquired taste.

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