6 Quick Healthy Weight Loss Tips

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How we eat is more important than what we eat. So some important points to note are: do not go to bed within two hours of having a meal. Chewing food plays an important role in digestion. Chewing at least 24 times pre-digest the food in our mouth. Avoid drinking water during meals. Drink water before the meals or 30 minutes after the meals. Eat food as per the season to let your body cook up with the changing weather. Foods that are high in pranic energy. Prana is the life force dwelling inside the physical form. Pranic foods are those which fill us with vitality and vigor. When we consume those, it adds positive energy to our body. Now let’s know how to incorporate these tips into our diet plan.

Early Breakfast

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A night before you start with this diet plan. Soak approximately one and a half cups of raw peanuts and water. On an empty stomach, have a glass of fat burner drink. This drink will also cleanse your system. To make it, take a glass and add a pinch of turmeric and black pepper powder. Add one tablespoon of honey and fill the glass with warm water. Mix well, and our morning drink is ready.


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For breakfast, there are two options, first is to have a glass of ash gourd juice every day. This vegetable is also known as “petha” in Hindi. This juice helps in the reduction of cancerous cells in our body. Your brain will become sharp and clear. The juice is beneficial and safe for children. Having coffee at the start of the day makes you energetic but also aggressive.


For lunch, have one to two whole-grain Rotis or flatbread along with any vegetable recipe made up of pumpkin or any squash bell peppers, carrots, ash gourd beetroot spinach, etc. You can also have brown rice, quinoa or oats, or any other whole grains instead of Indian flatbread.

30 Minutes After Lunch

Have a cup of green tea after 30 minutes of having lunch. Green tea is also one of the positive pranic foods, plus it helps with weight loss and burning extra fat.

Evening(4-6 PM)

They have a cup of soaked peanuts along with a banana. There are two recipes that you can make with these two ingredients. So you can either make a shake using a blender with these two and water, or you can make porridge by adding a little amount of water.


For dinner, have a portion of beet salad.


This is how the weight loss diet plan works. You should not be eating throughout the day if your age is below 30. Then you should have 3 meals a day. If your age is above 30, then reduce it to 2 meals a day. Our mind and bodywork at their best when the stomach is empty, and eating fewer meals will keep us alert and agile, and energetic. All those who still feel hungry in between the meals can have watermelons, apples, oranges, or papaya as needed. This diet is easy to follow as well as safe for all except for pregnant women.

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