4 Hot Yoga Poses For Beginners And Their Benefits

hot yoga poses

Hot yoga has been in limelight for many years, fitness enthusiasts keep exploring different types of yoga and exercises, hot yoga is one of them. Hot yoga is actually referred to as Bikram Yoga from the name of the person who popularized it. However, there is a difference between both the yoga forms; Bikram yoga generally consists of a specific sequence of 26 poses in 90 minutes whereas hot yoga does not follow the same rule.

Hot yoga is done in Yoga classes or studios where the temperature of the room is increased to 40 degrees and has 40% of humidity. There are 26 hot yoga poses including both difficult and easy techniques, some of the easy hot yoga poses are described below.

Trikonasana (The Triangle Pose)

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Trikonasana is one of the easiest hot yoga poses that work for both the upper and lower body, it helps to stretch the legs, arms, back, and muscles. The triangle pose reduces lower back pain, strengthens the knees, chest, and arms, helps relieve anxiety, improves the digestive system, and keeps the heart and lungs healthy.

Stand straight with your legs wide apart, keep your waist straight and bend down to the right, grasp the ankle with your right hand, lift the other hand up, direct your face to the left hand, bend your right knee as much as you can while stretching out your other leg; Hold the pose as you inhale and exhale a few times, repeat with the other side.

Vrikshasana (The Tree Pose)

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Vrikshasana is an easy yet effective yoga pose that helps improve full-body posture and balance. It is a spiritual pose that increases patience, makes the hip, knees, joints, and ankles more flexible; regular practice of the tree pose strengthens the eyes and shoulders, reduces flat feet, and improves focusing power.

Stand straight facing front, keep your feet together, take your palms together in front of your chest forming the prayer mudra, then raise your right leg, and bend it to the knee placing the foot to the left thigh. Hold the pose and breathe deeply, try to hold it as long as possible.

Pavanamuktasana (Wind-Relieving Pose)

This yoga pose stretches the legs, opens up the hips and knees, helps relieve stiff muscles; Pavanamuktasana improves your digestion, releases gas, and enhances blood circulation. This pose makes your arms strong, improves flexibility, tones the thigh and abdomen muscles, and eases tension in the lower back.

Ardha Kurmasana (Half Tortoise Pose)

Ardha Kurmasana is known as the child’s pose in other styles of yoga, but Bikram yoga names it the half tortoise, it one of the beginner-friendly hot yoga poses. The Half Tortoise pose releases tension, clams the neck and shoulders, enhances memory, clarifies the mind, helps relieve asthma and irritable bowel syndrome.

Sit on a mat with your legs folded underneath you, lift your arms up towards the sky, put your palms together and slowly bend your body forward making your forehead touch the ground, and your arms stretched in front of your head.


There are other easy hot yoga poses that are perfect for beginners such as Ustrasana (Camel Pose), Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose), Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), etc.

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