30 Minute Healthy Meal Ideas That You Can Eat Every Day

30 minute healthy meal

It seems like just about everyone is looking for a healthy meal that they can grab and go right out of the oven or microwave and that they can make in a thirty-minute time frame. You know the drill, grab everything on the grocery list and start cooking, only to stop midway through cooking one of your favorite dishes because you realized you didn’t eat enough of one particular nutrient, protein for example. Or maybe you realized you didn’t have enough fiber in your diet. No problem! Here are some great low fat, low carb, and high protein thirty-minute meals that can easily be made in your kitchen in a matter of minutes.


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One of my favorite foods is pasta! I eat it all the time I think about it when I am bored. I love how easy it is to make a delicious batch of your favorite pasta dishes whenever you want. All it takes is some pasta, oil, and a bit of extra virgin olive oil to cook your favorite pasta recipes over the top. I’ll give you a few recipes today that are super easy to prepare and will get you into that good old kitchen and get cooking!

One fantastic pasta dish that I’ve had a little success with is Pasta Marsala. Cook noodles as usual and then throw in a tomato and red onion sauce along with your cooked noodles. This adds a little bit of flavor that isn’t too overpowering and it ends up being a very flavorful and healthy pasta dish!

Instant Pasta Recipe

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Another super quick and easy pasta recipe is Fettuccine Alfredo. In this recipe, all you need is a pack of russet potatoes, chopped onions, garlic, dried oregano, a can of tomato sauce, and a tablespoon or so of olive oil. All you have to do is mix all these ingredients and cook the mixture over medium heat until it is done. If you want it a little less traditional, you can also substitute cream for milk and an egg. It is completely dairy-free and has only about two grams of carbohydrates in it!

The quick and easy soup that you can make is Broccoli Rabe. All you have to do is get some low-fat cheddar cheese, a can of whole tomatoes, a cup of water, some dried oregano leaves, chopped broccoli florets, and either reduced or regular fat sour cream or yogurt. Blend all these things and simmer for about two minutes. Then mix in the rest of the ingredients (cheese, tomatoes, water, and sour cream or yogurt) and serve this along with your pasta.

Rice Dish

If you have rice that is going to be used for rice cereal in the future, then you should get some brown rice. Brown rice is healthier than white rice and it has more nutrients in it. You can soak the brown rice in water for about half an hour to make it a little tender but still maintain its grainy texture. Then cook the rice and mix it into your pasta. You’ll find that this is a delicious and easy meal that will work well as a snack or meal replacement over time.

A great meatball recipe will be a lot of fun to make and eat. There are so many different recipes for meatballs on the internet and in cookbooks. The trick is to get a meatball mixture that is seasoned enough with herbs and spices to be able to stand up to some Italian sauce. Most times when I’m looking for a good meatball recipe, I end up getting boring generic ones that are not very unique.


One of my favorite meals that I make is called marinara barley soup. All you have to do is get some noodles, fresh vegetables, fresh basil, some tomato sauce, and some cheese. I mix this all up in my food processor and make some balls out of it. Then I add a little olive oil and some minced garlic and bake the balls in the oven. This is one healthy and tasty meal that everyone will love!

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